West-Holland, the Greenport with leading innovations in greenhouse technology, is a cluster of the Greenhouse production, and the whole chain (From Seed to Feed including technology  and building.
Dutch horticulture is a global trendsetter and a leading innovator in greenhouse technology, concentrated in Greenports, Agri & Horti clusters where businesses and research institutes work closely together on production, R&D, logistics, infrastructure, and exports, with the support of local and regional governement. West Holland, the strong Greenport in the western part of the Netherlands, is known for the largest greenhouse area in the world, hosting world leading companies in the field of horticulture. Here new concepts and innovations are tested to contribute to the world’s food supply including vertical urban farming, robot fruit pickers, innovative energy-saving lighting, water and waste recycling, and  energy efficiency. Within the Greenport  the  http://greenporthorticampus.nl/int/ excecutes  the Innovation Pact. There are  two main Campus sites, the Horti Science Parc, with a WUR location,and the https://www.worldhorticenter.nl/en , with research and education centres.








Greenport West-Holland has the ambition to be the Global horticultural hotspot for food supply, health and well-being.

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