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PIC Meeting 2019

The ninth PIC meeting took place in the Netherlands from 11 to 13 June, organized by Greenport West-Holland. Many dozens of international experts in the field of agri-food and IT came together for the exchange of knowledge and insights, for visiting companies, fairs and seminars and for establishing mutual contacts.


Presentations and workshops

Please find links to the presentations of plenary sessions and workshops here below:

Keynote: Autonomous greenhouses, driven by data and algorithms – By: Ronald Hoek

Introduction of platforms, programmes and projects:

Agri Sud-Ouest – Presentation Cluster
Emilia Romagna – Presentation Cluster idea
Greenport West-Holland – Presentation Cluster
Greenport West-Holland – Presentation ideas
Institut Paul Bocuse research center – Presentation Cluster
Institut Paul Bocuse research center – Presentation ideas
South Holland – cluster
REFARMERS – Presentation Cluster
Smart Digital Farming
Terralia – Presentation Cluster
Terralia – Presentation ideas
Vegepolys – Presentation Cluster

Workshops and conclusions

Christophe Guichard – Presentation New developments in EU Cluster Policy
Ellen Beerling – Presentation Water management in agriculture; efficiency and quality (including EU Water framework) | Conclusion
Julieta Contreras – Presentation Challenges of Data use in Plant Agriculture | Conclusion
Marga Vintges – Presentation Building an EU Plantclusternetwork | Conclusion
Woody Maijers – Urban farming


Please find video about PIC-event here below

Site visits during PIC 2019

The PIC Meeting provided the opportunity to visit some outstanding Dutch horticultural companies. There were three routes people could choose from:

1. FlowerTrials® route: KP Holland and Demokwekerij

During the FlowerTrials®, 62 breeding companies located in three regions will present their latest innovations and future developments in pot and bedding plants.

KP Holland is a global player in both the production of flowering plants as finished products and the development of new varieties. See / for more information.

At the Demokwekerij you will find several companies sharing one location for the presentation of their products. These are Sakata, Schoneveld Breeding, Queen Genetics, and Van den Bos Flowerbulbs.

2. Delphy and Wageningen University and Research

Delphy is a worldwide expertise centre for the food & flower industry. For more information see the website.

“To explore the potential of nature to improve the quality of life.” That is the mission of Wageningen University & Research. This university is home to a community of over 6,500 employees and 12,000 students from more than one hundred countries. These people work all around the world in the field of healthy food and living environment, for both governments and the business community. The business unit Greenhouse Horticulture in Bleiswijk is one of the experimental greenhouses of Wageningen University & Research. It consists of approximately 7,500 square meters of glass, which has been divided into ninety sections. The design of the greenhouse approximates the current standard in horticulture as much as possible. Click here for more information.


The PIC Event program also includes an optional visit to Anthura, a specialist in orchids and Anthurium. The company’s objective is to decorate the world with its colourful flowers and plants by developing innovative and sustainable products for both, growers and consumers. With the assistance of a highly motivated team of professionals, they translate developments in breeding and production techniques and consumer trends into new varieties.

At Anthura, you can join a guided tour.

World Horti Center

The PIC Event took place in the World Horti Center in Westland, The Netherlands. The World Horti Center is the global knowledge and innovation center for international greenhouse horticulture. The center offers educational, research and presentation services for anyone active in the international greenhouse horticulture sector. The construction of World Horti Center began in September 2016. The new building was completed and occupied by mid-August 2017. The center benefits public health and well-being of people by providing solutions to social issues relating to water quality, food supply, food safety and sustainability. Click here for more information.


Organizers and sponsors

Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation, Céréales Vallée-Nutravita, TERRALIA and VEGEPOLYS have created the Plant InterCluster network to embody the French plant skills all around the world and to set up a common strategy to facilitate the international  development of the clusters and their members.

Cluster network Plant Inter Cluster
Cluster Vegepolys, Cluster Greenport West-Holland, Cluster Agri-sud Ouest innovation, Cluster Terralia, Cluster Céréales Vallée

EU-project TRACK, co-funded by EASME is a Consortium of 5 European clusters to improve the link between ICT SMEs and Horticulture value-chains on Big data- Traceability.

This project was funded by the European Union’s COSME Programme



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