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Working together on a healthy future for the Horticultural sector.

Greenport West-Holland is a partnership between entrepreneurs, governments, education and knowledge institutions; the so-called ‘triple helix’. These parties work together on a healthy, vital and sustainable future for the regional horticulture cluster. The cluster includes all companies and organisations that are active in the field of food and floriculture: from trade to production and from breeders to logistic companies.
The Greenport examines which actions are necessary to realise this healthy, vital and sustainable future. In this matter regional entrepreneurs are in charge; governments facilitate, and, when it comes to the knowledge of the future, education and knowledge institutions create the basis for the entrepreneurs to be successful.
The Greenport clearly operates as a director when it comes to stimulating regional cooperation from a national and international perspective. We are involved in multiple think tanks, working groups and executive organisations. Cooperation is in our genes!

Ambitions and Spearheads 2018

The economy of tomorrow will be build today. For this reason, the Greenport is active in co-creating this economic future. We are involved in multiple think thanks and executive organisations. 

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Greenport West-Holland has the ambition to be the Global horticultural hotspot for food supply, health and well-being.

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